Life Is a Journey

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When I was pastoring, I became frustrated that we were growing primarily through transfer growth from other churches. It got to a point that I remember my wife offered to stand at the doors and invite new people to return to their church and work through their issues.

I remember asking the Lord to gift us with non-Christians and new believers, but the question clearly came back, “What would you do if I sent them to you?” Fascinating question.

Some people had become followers of Christ, and there was a man and a woman who would mentor one or two at a time; but I had no real plan in place to deal with the opportunity in any systematic way if in fact God chose to send us more.

It was fascinating to research the issue. Statistically, it is astonishing how many people fall away from the Lord after a conversion experience. Certainly, there would be a plethora of tools to help people start their spiritual journey well. Short studies; long studies; mentoring programs.

I was astonished at the lack, and so decided to create our own curriculum based on the belief that these new followers were exactly that, followers. They had started the journey of their life, and they needed help along the way. There were things they needed to learn, experiences they had to undertake, disciplines to develop, and people they needed to walk with.

The result was a 12 week curriculum available at complete with workbook, videos, etc., all for free. Check it out under the Seminars link.

But more and more in a post modern culture, people are moved less by propositional truths than they are by story. And that is okay with me; I love telling stories.

So my most recent writing project is a narrative version of the new believers series. It is based out of my cabin in northeast Washington state; it is a series of stories about hikes in the Pacific Northwest, and what we can learn about God, ourselves, and others as we begin the journey.

On this blog I want you to walk with me as I finish the book. I want to share my ideas, interact with you, learn from you, and through it all produce a tool that you can use in your church and in your relationships to help new believes begin their spiritual journey.

Hence the name of the blog, “Life Is a Journey.” Thanks for walking with me.

5 thoughts on “Life Is a Journey

  1. Bill, I look forward to walking with you as you finish your book. I also like the photo of the road that is inviting me to walk or drive the distance.

  2. Bill, as a pastor or four decades, I had to face the reality that we need to be intentionally raising up the next generation of leaders in the local church. I have been committed for the past six months ito prepare a strategy for use in our assembly. One of the tools we will use is Thanks for making tools available for the church at large.

    syd brestel

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