Sharing the Gospel in Today’s World (video)

This is an interesting round-table discussion of how to share the Gospel in today’s world. J. D. Greear, Greg Gilbert, and Trevin Wax talk about sharing the Gospel with people who don’t understanding our Christian “jargon,” contextualizing the Gospel without letting the culture define the important questions, and dealing with counterfeit Gospels in the world.

It’s a great discussion, and it resonates well with some of the issues that I’ll be addressing in the series that I started yesterday with What’s Wrong with Our Gospel? (Part One).

What do you think?

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3 thoughts on “Sharing the Gospel in Today’s World (video)

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  2. These guys have some great thoughts on counterfeit gospels, but I think they didn’t answer the question of how to express the Gospel without the Christian jargon. It seems like they just said, “We should use the words and teach them what they mean.” While this is probably a really good strategy in a church, since people come to a church expecting and wanting that, I don’t think it is the same outside of a church service setting. When I am sharing with a gal in a coffee shop, I use different words. I relate experiences. I define the work of Christ and may not use specific biblical words. That does not mean I won’t at our next meeting. This conversation about the Gospel without jargon needs to go beyond thinking through church services and into training our congregation on how to speak about these things easily at work and school and the coffee shop.

    1. Although they do talk at one point about sharing the Gospel outside the walls of the church, I do think their primary focus was on sharing the Gospel within. I can’t remember which one, but one of them rightly pointed out that we need to be careful that our good emphasis on preaching the Gospel to ourselves doesn’t make us neglect the task of preaching to those outside the church as well. And, we definitely need to do a better job knowing how incomprehensible our language can be at times.

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