Weekend Links

Here are some interesting links for your weekend reading. Enjoy!

  • How to Shrink Your Church. Some powerful thoughts on how sentimentalism and pragmatism are destroying the church:  ”The church’s job is not to grow — not even to survive. The church’s job is to die — continually — on behalf of the world, believing that with every death there is a resurrection. God’s part is to grow whatever God wishes to grow. Growing a church isn’t hard … being faithful as the church, that’s a different story.”
  • The Best “Best of 2011” List So Far: This is the time of year that everyone comes out with their “Best of” lists for the year. Some of them are a waste of time. But others are quite interesting. Here are some of the better ones that I’ve seen so far.
  • Word Made Flesh, Will Willimon: “This is the story we Christians name as “Incarnation.” It is a strange, inexplicable story that we happen to believe is true, the story that explains everything, the key to what’s going on between us and God. It is the story that we encounter each year at Advent, that season of reflection and penitence before Christmas.”
  • Why I’m Okay with Church Failure. Good thoughts from Mary DeMuth critiquing the commonly accepted formula: “the simple formula is this: God leads + We obey = Outward success.”

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