A warning to us all, but especially to young pastors

Here are some good words from Francis Chan on matching our teaching and our lifestyle. He directs his comments toward young pastors, but they are a good reminder for us all.

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4 thoughts on “A warning to us all, but especially to young pastors

  1. I agree. Pastors are always scrutinized more closely because of the positions they hold, but anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus needs to evaluate his/her life (thoughts, behaviors, speech) because that person becomes a reflection of Jesus. It’s an ongoing process (at least, it is for me). Dying daily is not easy.

  2. I’ve learned thru my own experience that the learning is the easy part; it’s the obedience and putting knowledge into action that is markedly more difficult.

    1. The parable of the two sons (Matt 21:28-31): one says, “Yes” but does not do; the other says “No” but obeys anyway.
      Notice that the second son was (technically) a hypocrite, yet Jesus seems to commend him. To obey is better than sacrifice (1Sam 15:22).

  3. Yet another, very contemporary, reminder that preaching has three intended audiences: 1) God, who judges all things; 2) the preacher to his own heart; and 3) the congregation that the preacher serves.

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