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How Do We Understand God’s Wrath Against Sin? Unfortunately for her little Lego shalom, Leah has a younger sister, Sydney. We used to call her Sydzilla. And Sydzilla loved nothing more than to stomp on little Lego villages. It’s surprising how much chaos and destruction a three year old can cause in a relatively short amount of time. As long as Leah was in the room, she could prevent any real harm from coming to Legoland. But let her leave the room for even a few minutes, and it was entirely possible that she’d come back to find that Sydzilla had visited. And Sydzilla definitely didn’t follow the rules.


Depression: Helpful Things to Say and Do. Chantelle Dockter continues, “It certainly helps to have an understanding of what depression is and a picture of what the depressed woman faces daily. Shepherds can have a great impact on those who are in the pain of depression. To enhance the positive impact, take note of the following list of helpful insights.” I’ve summarized her list for our purposes.



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