Our Most Popular Posts of 2012

It’s always interesting to look back over the past year and see what’s happened. And we have definitely had some interesting posts in the first year of this blog. Here are the 10 posts that got the most attention. So, if you missed anything, feel free to go back and check them out!

10. Gollum Saves the Day: Marc Cortez uses the Lord of the Rings movies to explain why the return of the king is so important.

9. Flags in Church? Chad Hall digs into the question of patriotism and Christian worship.

8. Is Learning Greek and Hebrew Really Worth It? Learning languages can be a challenging experience for many, so Marc Cortez looks at the question of whether it’s really worth all that work.

7. What Did God Do after Adam and Eve Sinned? A Child’s Answer Reveals a Big Problem Marc Cortez looks at some problems with how we talk about God’s response to Adam and Eve.

6. What does it mean to “deny yourself”? Bill Mounce discusses the role of denial in Christian discipleship.

5. Shopping and False Intimacy: Chad Hall reflects on the problem of “false intimacy” in ministry.

4. Does Jesus Hate Religion? Brian LePort responded here to Jeff Bethke’s popular video on Jesus and religion.

3. Rooted Leadership: Heroes: This was the most popular post in Chad Hall’s well-regarded series on Christian leadership.

2. What do We Believe about the Bible? Bill Mounce reminds us of some of the essential things we believe about God’s word.

1. What Took Me By Surprise: Bev Hislop reflects on the difficult and painful process of moving through grief.

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