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The 10 Myths of Teen Dating

The 10 Myths of Teen DatingThe 10 Myths of Teen Dating
by Daniel Anderson with Jacquelyn Anderson
Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2016
$16.99 | 256 pp.

Dan Anderson has written a book with his daughter, Jacquelyn, which I believe will be a major asset for parents to use when talking to their daughters about dating.  Both are high school teachers in Portland, Oregon.  Dan writes from the perspective of both a teacher and a parent, and provides tremendous insights from these two contexts as a Christian man.

Jacquelyn writes in a poignant manner in response to points that her dad makes and her responses reflect a Christian woman who chose to keep her dating secret in high school because of her parent’s opposition to dating.  She tells stories of her girlfriends in high school which are gripping. As a serious Christian now she is able to reflect on her reactions to her parents and provides tremendous counsel for talking to high school girls.

Anderson’s insights come from watching the romantic relationships of high school students over the years in the classroom. He has observed many disastrous relationships. Using both anecdotal evidence and research he has done about adolescents, Anderson seeks to dispel 10 myths about dating and provide wise counsel to counteract those myths.

The myths which he articulates include these:

  • If I had a boyfriend, I would be happy.
  • I should trust my feelings.
  • Sex will enhance my relationship.
  • Love and sex are the same.
  • Sex comes without consequences.

The reader may have questions about some of the research cited and counsel given to dispel these myths but there is an abundance of wise counsel provided.  There are also excellent questions at the end of each chapter to guide a discussion between parents and daughters.  I commend this book to parents who want to engage their daughters in critical conversations about sex, love, and dating.

About Ron Marrs

Ron Marrs is presently a Professor of Youth and Pastoral Ministry and Chairman of the Center for Ministry and Leadership at Western Seminary, Portland, OR. Ron is the leader of the Portland Youth Workers Network. He served at Westwood Baptist Church, a Converge church, for 24.5 years primarily as the youth pastor and then as executive/worship pastor. He has been married to Becky for 35 years, has three children and three grandsons. He is an elder at Hinson Baptist Church. He recently completed doctoral research in which he interviewed 26 people about their rookie youth pastor experiences along with 24 of their supervisors.