The Baker Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines

The Baker Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines
By John A. Beck
Baker Books, 2016
$29.99 | 240 pp.

I will say it without equivocation, “Every teacher of the Bible needs a copy of John Beck’s new book, The Baker Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Time Lines.” Beck, a thirty-five-year veteran Bible teacher has provided more than two-hundred pages of Bible charts, maps, pictures, and background resources to help Bible teachers do their job better and more efficiently.

The charts cover such topics as Bible book overviews, literary genres of the Bible, key people and places, archaeological periods and terms, seasons, plants and trees, weights and measures, and much more.

The color coded time lines provide a visual history of Israel and other significant events taking place in other nations and regions around the world.

The colorful maps cover both Old Testament and New Testament regions and include maps depicting the journeys of Abraham, Israel’s wanderings in the wilderness, New Testament Jerusalem, Galilee in the time of Jesus, and the travels of Paul.

The archaeological background of both testaments is introduced with a brief summary of the fifty most significant archaeological discoveries for both Old Testament and New Testament backgrounds. Each of these discoveries are summarized and illustrated with color picture.

Perhaps my favorite contribution of this book is the color illustrations and reconstructions of such biblical items as the Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temple, an Israelite house, burial practices, musical instruments, Jerusalem in different historical periods, a synagogue, fishing techniques, Herod’s Temple, a triclinium table, and much more.

Now for the best part about this book. With just a few exceptions, each page includes a caption, “May be reproduced for classroom use only, not for resale.” Baker Publishing has graciously allowed teachers to copy and share the charts, maps and many of the illustrations with their students. The book is spiral bound for ease of placement on a copy machine. I just wish I had this book when I began teaching the Bible. The Baker Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Time Lines is well worth the price of the book (Listed at $29.99, but $22.48 on Amazon). I highly recommend this resource for all Bible students and teachers.

About J. Carl Laney

J. Carl Laney teaches Biblical Literature at Western Seminary and is an instructor for Western's Israel Study Program. Carl has authored numerous books, including most recently, “Discipleship: Training from the Master Disciple Maker” (2018).

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  1. I always enjoy Carl’s book reviews, he not only gives a great through review but he does it in language that even someone like me can understand.

    One thing that Carl neglected to mention is that he has his own atlas called “Concise Bible Atlas” where he breaks it down into sixteen periods from The Primeval Period – Creation -2166 BC to Israel Since the Biblical Period AD 33 to the Present Times and I highly recommend it as well.

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