2018 Northwest Region ETS Meeting

The annual meeting of and conference for the Northwest Region of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) is occurring on March 3rd at Western Seminary. This year Dr. Patrick Schreiner is functioning as the President, and we sat down and talked to him about the conference, including who it is for, and why people should attend.

Why are you excited about this ETS meeting?

One reason I am excited for this meeting is because of our guest, Dr. Jonathan Pennington. He has recently written a book on the Sermon on the Mount that many are calling groundbreaking. In addition to this, Pennington has a heart for ministry and the church. While his scholarship is cutting edge, he always writes with pastors, churches, and counselors in mind.

Why is ETS important and why should people come?

ETS is important because it is a place for conservative scholars and pastors to engage over issues in a cordial environment. What happens in scholarship filters into the church, and pastors and staff can be aware of how studies are shifting by attending these type of meetings. In other words, if you want to be ahead of the curve and see what is on the horizon, come to these meetings.

What is ETS? Why was it started, and how does it differ from other professional organizations?

ETS is the Evangelical Theological Society. It was started in 1949 as a place for Evangelicals to come together and exchange ideas both in oral and written formats. Although many members of ETS are also involved in other organizations, ETS was started to foster conservative biblical scholarship by providing a medium for this exchange. The mediums are a journal, a national meeting, and regional meetings.

Who can/should attend/participate in an ETS meeting, and why?

Anyone who can sign the confessional statement (on inerrancy and the Trinity) can be a member (though student members need to be sponsored by a full member). However, you do not need to be a member to attend an ETS meeting. I would recommend ETS for anyone in the area who is interested in topics related to biblical studies, theology, and ministry.

How can a person who is interested in ETS get involved?

You can find out more information about ETS by going to their website. We have also created a Facebook page for the Northwest Region in order to provide more consistent updates.