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The Canvas Conference

How creativity relates to theology is a topic of ongoing conversation among contemporary Christians. While, in a former era, Christianity and the arts enjoyed an especially fruitful marriage (just think of Bach’s voluminous sacred compositions, or Michelangelo’s majestic work on the Sistine Chapel), in modern times, it often seems as if this union has been all but dissolved. So much so that, especially in the modern West, many would say the relationship between Christianity and creativity (at least of a variety marked by substance, excellence, and originality) has been defined more by antithesis than synthesis. The examples of this are manifold: kitschy religious-themed trinkets; derivative, sappy, theologically vacuous songs; and cartoonish portraits of a blue-eyed Jesus in flowing robes.

boys reading after a book talk.

Northwest Regional ETS Meeting

Students should be aware that the annual meeting of and conference for the Northwest Region of the Evangelical Theological Society is coming up March 5th, 2016. The title for the conference is, “It Is Written: The Septuagint and Our Doctrine of Scripture.”

Rhythms of Rest for the Weary Shepherd

Let’s face it – many (if not most) pastors are just plain worn out. Why is this? Well, according to local pastor, author, and professor A. J. Swoboda, such weariness is often engendered and exacerbated by a lack of “good rhythms” in one’s “life of rest.”