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Contextualization Is Not Optional

Contextualization is not optional. Hear me, working to contextualize what you’re doing is not just mere pragmatism – “how to get stuff done” and “be more effective” (though those things are important). It is about loving people. A church that does not seek to contextualize itself, its ministries, the gospel message, and every other avenue of communication inevitably creates more barriers than bridges for the advancement of the gospel in our communities.

How do you talk about “slaves” in the Bible?

Here’s an interesting video of the ESV translation committee debating how to translate terms like ‘ebed (Hebrew) and doulos (Greek), which are often translated as “slave” or “servant.” And the committee members have to wrestle with what the terms meant then, as well as what a term like “slave” means to modern ears. The biblical…Continue reading How do you talk about “slaves” in the Bible?

Sharing the Gospel in Today’s World (video)

This is an interesting round-table discussion of how to share the Gospel in today’s world. J. D. Greear, Greg Gilbert, and Trevin Wax talk about sharing the Gospel with people who don’t understanding our Christian “jargon,” contextualizing the Gospel without letting the culture define the important questions, and dealing with counterfeit Gospels in the world.…Continue reading Sharing the Gospel in Today’s World (video)