Looking for a Church

In the craziness of schedules, and the distractions of a culture overly satiated with information, many people are too busy or disinterested to attend church regularly. And if they do, what will they find?-If a total unbeliever walked in, would he come back? Would she get in her car and say to herself, ‘There was something those people had, that I want. There was a sense of the transcendent that shook me, a force, a power that I cannot explain…”?

The 3-2-1 Gospel

Here’s an excellent little video for sharing and explaining key aspects of the gospel. The video breaks the story down into three main pieces: 3 persons: the Trinity 2 humans: Adam and Christ 1 life: unity with either Adam or Christ You don’t often see gospel presentations that emphasize either the Trinity, especially the idea of becoming a…Continue reading The 3-2-1 Gospel