Rejoicing in Christ

As many of us know, Christian ministry should be firmly centered on the gospel. The power of God is found in the gospel. Yet, sometimes in our effort to be gospel-centered, “the gospel” can take on a life of its own. Sometimes if we’re not careful “the gospel” can become an abstract idea. Simply put, the gospel can be explained as good news. But, still, it’s one step removed from the substance. This is where Michael Reeves’s fantastic little book, “Rejoicing in Christ,” comes into play.

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Godly Change Requires More Than a Lane Change

Repent. For many of us, that’s a rather nasty little word. It conjures images of fire-and-brimstone preachers holding their thick, black Bibles over their heads with one hand while pointing the other menacingly at the shell-shocked crowd and yelling: Repent, ye depraved sinners bound for the depths of hell. Repent before the fires of heaven…Continue reading Godly Change Requires More Than a Lane Change