We Elected a Sinner

We did it again. We elected a sinner. When are we going to learn? In fact we elected 435 sinners out of 435 seats in the House of Representatives. And a bunch of Sin-ators. You get the point?

According to Daniel 4:25, “the Most High is sovereign over all kingdoms on earth and gives them to anyone He wishes.” God raises up earth’s leaders, including those in the USA, which means He puts sinners in places of leadership. Some are aggressively hostile against Him and goodness, some are humble, faithful. Most (?) are somewhere in between.


The Elephant, the Donkey, and the Bride

The bride leaves her abode and begins her journey down to the little chapel by the lake. As she walks, presently she notices that two animals have joined her procession; a donkey to her left, and an elephant on her right. The bride feels uncomfortable to be in such close proximity to the animals, but maintains her focus and continues on.

Hidden Motives and World War I: A Book Review in Honor of Veterans Day

As we are approaching the centennial anniversary mark for the beginning of World War I, it might be interesting to review what went wrong in the run up to this war and why it wasn’t avoided. In his book July 1914, Countdown to War, Sean McMeekin masterfully brings out many of the underlying currents in…Continue reading Hidden Motives and World War I: A Book Review in Honor of Veterans Day