Surviving and Thriving in Seminary

Intended to be a “no-nonsense guide to success in seminary,” this compact book sets forth accessible practical wisdom for the current or prospective seminary student. The authors identify three types of skills that are needed for the seminarian to succeed: spiritual, relational, and academic — and the authors work to incorporate insights from all three of these categories into this useful volume.

Faculty Spotlight | Dr. Jan Verbruggen

I grew up in Belgium in a Roman Catholic home, although I did not hear the gospel until I was 19 years old. This took place when I was at the University of Louvain studying physics and computer science, where I encountered Christians who were vocal about their faith. I ended up attending a worship service where the gospel was clearly and simply presented. What I heard had an impact on me, and after four weeks I made a choice to accept the gospel.

Do Seminary Grads Burn Out Quickly?

You often hear people lament the high dropout rate of those entering vocational ministry, particularly in their first few years. For example, in a Leadership Journal article, John Ortberg repeated the statistic that ”90 percent of people who enter vocational ministry will end up in another field.” I’ve heard similar comments to the effect that 50% of…Continue reading Do Seminary Grads Burn Out Quickly?