night girl

A Night in the Underside

The living God has made us to reflect the Creator’s wise stewardship and reflect the praises of all creation back to its Maker. This is the key to flourishing. But humans have turned their vocation upside down, giving worship and allegiance to forces and powers within creation itself.

Caught in the Crossfire of Someone Else’s War

Used and abused. Treated like a soiled, worthless dishrag. Used for someone else’s pleasure or purpose. Mistreated.  So she fled. Hagar fled from Sarai and Abram. She was caught in the crossfire of Sarai and Abram striving to fulfill God’s purpose—an heir. She was a victim. One without much recourse. In the previous chapter God…Continue reading Caught in the Crossfire of Someone Else’s War

forming habit

What to Say When Someone Is in Pain

As a friend said to me recently, “Bev, you’ve written Shepherding Women in Pain, but how does it work when the shepherd is in pain?” She continued, “Frankly, the greatest pain for me during this time of a cancer diagnosis has been the hard things well-meaning friends have said to me. Bev, they just don’t get it!” I could relate to my friend’s frustration. It seems easier when you are on the outside looking in, but what a different view when YOU are the one experiencing emotional pain