The Elephant, the Donkey, and the Bride

The bride leaves her abode and begins her journey down to the little chapel by the lake. As she walks, presently she notices that two animals have joined her procession; a donkey to her left, and an elephant on her right. The bride feels uncomfortable to be in such close proximity to the animals, but maintains her focus and continues on.


Looking for a Church

In the craziness of schedules, and the distractions of a culture overly satiated with information, many people are too busy or disinterested to attend church regularly. And if they do, what will they find?-If a total unbeliever walked in, would he come back? Would she get in her car and say to herself, ‘There was something those people had, that I want. There was a sense of the transcendent that shook me, a force, a power that I cannot explain…”?

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A Fool-proof Plan to Future-proof Your Church

By P.J. Oswald As a card-carrying computer geek, I’m fascinated by the newest trends in technology. One of the biggest battles is between tech giants Google, Apple, and Microsoft, where each company feels an acute pressure to innovate. They must each convince us that their latest device is “future proof,” ready to meet every conceivable…Continue reading A Fool-proof Plan to Future-proof Your Church